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Emilio’s Advice Column

(1/4/2016) Dear Emilio, I recently decided to buy a prayer book. I feel an urge to connect with the tefilot. I found two that I really like. One is the prayer book which is  handwritten, made with actual leather and comes with a gold pen (no reason), price: $299.99. The second one has no social features […]

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Creative Writing by Zoe

(1/4/2016) Hamburger guy was a hamburger. He was, for the most part, a happy hamburger. He lived in a box. He was very sad and lonely, so he he cried all the time. One day, someone bought him and opened the box. The new hamburger owner was very angry because the hamburger was soggy from all his […]

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(1/4/2016) It is Chanukka today at BJEP and it is sunny and cool! Happy Chanukka to all! Sincerely, Chloe Zilembo, reporter from the BJEP blog

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