Parent Cooperative Jobs

BJEP Parent roles for 2020-2021 found here.

BJEP is a parent cooperative which means that parents are active and essential partners in our program.  The wonderful part of a parent cooperative is the involvement of families, and we appreciate the time and involvement from our community.  Many hands make light work.  Each parent is required to sign up for at least one BJEP parent cooperative job per student registered at the point of registration. 

We love – and are very grateful – when we see families take on more than one job and lend their talents in various ways. Serving on BJEP’s Parent Board counts as a job, and we are always thrilled to welcome new board members.  Each job is important to the success of the program, and range in responsibility, expense and time commitment. Roles include serving as our bookkeeper, updating content on our website, serving as an usher for High Holiday services, leading a booth during our Purim carnival and joining a committee to explore some new initiative.  

Our community depends on each person’s participation, and we thank you for your time, and when needed, finding a replacement should something come up.  

Please contact our Director with any job-related questions at
Thank YOU!

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