Passover 2021

Passover 2021 begins at sundown on Saturday, March 27, sharing a few resources compiled by our families and teachers:

  1. JewishBoston: add the Honoring this moment COVID-19 Supplement to your Haggadah, including the COVID Dayenu.  Also, find the Wandering is Over Haggadah here.
  2. Avodah, an organization in the Jewish community committed to working towards a more just and equitable world, shares a multitude of social justice Passover Haggadahs and other resources.
  3. Customize a Haggadah template for you –  and your family and friends.
  4. Jewish Arts Collaboration in collaboration with Asylum Arts global network for Jewish Culture offers the Hip Hop Haggadah audio storybook, a 20-min multicultural audio collage by a beatbox artist – Joshua Walters – who connects the relationship of Jewish and African-American histories as similar struggles.
  5. PJ Library:  find recipes, card games, printable Haggadahs, guide to creative Seders, in the Passover section! Or go direct to the Make Your Own Charoset Bar here.
  6. 18Doors: How to Make your Passover seder fun for kids, including Passover MadLibs, Bingo, getting creative with questions, also find the Passover for Interfaith families
  7. Recipes:  Find Passover Recipe Central on  Or, just go straight to this Chocolate Matzo layer cake from the Tasting Table blog.
  8. Brandeis Hillel – find the How to Hold a An Amazing Zoom Seder…A Zeder. Who doesn’t like a one-page guide?!
  9. Maccabeats music sampler:  Dayenu, Mah Nishtanah, Vehi Sheamda
  10. find family activities, including creative Seder ideas, social justice add-ons for the 4 children, educational videos, and art projects.

The Great BJEP Matzah Bake, Mar 23
On their way out of Egypt, the Israelites didn’t have enough time to let their bread rise before baking. Instead, the hot sun cooked their dough into a crisp. And thus was matzah born. Come learn about the matzah baking process and even bake some of your own at the Great BJEP Matzah Bake! Also, get excited for a visit from a very special someone! Is it Elijah? Miriam? Someone else? Come to find out! RSVP here.

High Holidays

Join the BJEP community’s all welcoming, inclusive and joyful service for High Holiday Family Services, from the comfort and safety of your home. Participate in community, find meaning in the prayers, sing loudly, learn more and reflect on the year as a family. BJEP’s Jewish Sunday School High Holiday family services integrate tradition and creativity, and we welcome all to join us. Rosh Hashanah: (Sat) Sept 19, 2020 at 2:30 pm and Yom Kippur: (Mon) Sept 28, 2020 at 2:30 pm

Services run a little over an hour. While children of all ages are welcome, the experience will be most meaningful for children ages 4 and up.  Services will be led by BJEP’s Community Director, Rabbi Myra Meskin.  Zoom details will be sent one hour before services.  A prayer reference sheet shared on screen as well. On Rosh Hashanah, in lieu of a Kiddush on site, we invite our guests to welcome the New Year with a glass of wine or juice, apples and honey, challah and or food item of your choosing.  Our community@home Kiddush will follow immediately after the service ends.  RSVP/Per family registration required:  link here

Suggested per family donation: $136 per BJEP family, BJEP alum, Brandeis community.  Other community members: $180.  Find the PayPal link on our donation page.  Your generous contributions help to defray the cost of running these services and our BJEP@Home program.  This is a suggested amount, and know that your generosity is greatly appreciated.

At BJEP we are committed to providing a quality Jewish education for any child – if cost is prohibitive for your family, please reach out to me at   Other Questions?  please contact our Director at

Holidays with BJEP

Our children experience Jewish holidays in an engaging, hands on and fun style.  We celebrate Sukkot on a working farm, host a Hanukkah family day program (in 2019, with a traveling planetarium from the Museum of Science) and share in a Purim spiel and our annual Purim festival.  Experience the magic of a Jewish year.