Bar / Bat Mitzvah

Like most Hebrew schools, BJEP teaches the foundations of Hebrew language and prayers. While BJEP introduces students to the fundamentals of a Shabbat service, parents are responsible for individual Bar / Bat Mitzvah tutoring for their child. Many BJEP students have a Bar / Bat Mitzvah, but it is not required, and individual preparation takes place outside class time. BJEP offers informational meetings each spring for parents of fifth and sixth graders to meet various outside tutors and to discuss steps in planning for a Bar / Bat Mitzvah service and celebration.

Ta’amei HaMitzvot: BJEP B’nei Mitzvah Program: Last year, three BJEP families joined together to celebrate the B’nei Mitzvah of their children. We are exploring continuing this program and need a minimum of three students to participate in order to offer it.  Lessons will take place during extended day hours from 12:30 – 2 p.m. on Sundays when BJEP meets. The service will be led by all the students on a Spring Saturday. For more information contact