Curriculum Overview

At BJEP we teach the ABC’s of a Jewish education:

We strive to instill Agency over each child’s Jewish identity, Belonging within Jewish community and Competency with Jewish traditions and Hebrew language.

We believe a well rounded Jewish education is important to a child’s lifelong Jewish identity.  Because of this we see the development of foundational Jewish subjects essential to a student’s learning.

We have 5 areas of focus: Torah, Hebrew & Prayer, Tikkun Olam & Jewish Values, Israel & Jewish History, and Jewish Holidays. We consider community to be the implicit curriculum underlying and supporting all classroom learning.

Each grade teaches both Judaics and Hebrew through an age-appropriate thematic focus with clear learning objectives and guiding questions. We encourage teachers to teach to their passions within the context of our teaching goals. To see our our full curriculum, get in touch with Rabbi Myra to discuss in greater detail.

Grades K/1: Jewish Holidays and Values, Introduction to Hebrew through songs, yoga and crafts.

Grade 2: Shabbat, Holiness and an Introduction to Torah Stories, Alef-Bet and Vowels

Grade 3: Torah Stories from Genesis through Exodus and Passover, The Shema and the 4 Questions

Grade 4: Three pillars of Jewish Life: Torah (Learning), Avodah (Practice) and Gemilut Chasadim (Compassion), Havdalah and V’ahavta

Grade 5: Tefillah (prayer) and Israel: A people and a place, Barechu and Friday Night prayers

Grade 6: American Jewish History, Jewish Ethics, The Lifecycle, The Amidah and Torah service

Grade 7: What is a mitzvah: An exploration of Jewish Identity