Educational Vision

Learning happens in community.

It is through relationships that we are able to open ourselves up to taking the risk to not-know and then to learn. As parents, peers and educators, we are a network of relationships. And relationships are the fabric of community. BJEP is a learning community where we come to connect to the best in ourselves, in one another and in Jewish traditions.

When we enter the classroom, we are not just our minds. We bring our full selves, the experiences shared around cereal at breakfast, sports games, robotics club, sick family members, sibling rivalry, moving to a new place. Educators and students alike bring the adrenaline of trying new things, learning perhaps to be scared and brave at the same time.

We believe that all children have the potential to be Torah scholars — teachers of kindness, love, and justice — and it is our collective task to cultivate a community worthy of their potential. This growth is possible only when we recognize the diverse skillsets and perspectives within our community.

Judaism is a tree of life, it is a living tradition. This means that our lives are deeply informed by ancient wisdom and practices, and that Jewish tradition learns and grows from our insights and lived experiences. We are responsible for one another’s learning. Together we must bring life to Torah and Torah to life.

Upcoming Events

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