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Slide Background   “BJEP is a good fit for our interfaith family. I did not want to commit to joining a Temple, but still wanted to give my daughter the opportunity to learn about Judaism. BJEP provides exactly what we need.”  “Fun and dedicated teachers that serve as role models.”  “BJEP at its best feels like the energy of a Jewish summer camp year-round.” BJEP in a Nutshell, as shared by some BJEP parents, from Spring 2022 Survey, conducted (anonymously) by the Brandeis International Business School. - Slide Background   “I love the family circle time in the morning. I also love that the program is active and that my son is really engaged with the learning.”  “Community spirit.”  “The growing pride my children feel in being Jewish and in recognizing Hebrew words.”  “The energy of the teachers is great!” Sample of parents' favorite BJEP moments, from Spring 2022 Survey, conducted (anonymously) by the Brandeis International Business School. - Andrew, Needham We are so grateful that we found BJEP! Our daughter truly enjoys going to BJEP each Sunday morning. She has learned prayers, Jewish history, traditions -- all while having fun with her new friends! -Andrew, Needham Eden, BJEP graduate & teen aide, Medfield The teachers always made the class so much fun, and now I have the opportunity to give the kids the same great experience that I had. -Eden, BJEP graduate & teen aide, Medfield Leah, BJEP Teacher/Brandeis Student BJEP is a great place to be, and I have learned just as much as the kids have! -Leah, BJEP Teacher/Brandeis Student Karen, Milford BJEP has a strong sense of community among the parents, teachers, and leaders...while our son is learning, we enjoy the breadth of adult education and activities. -Karen, Milford Hannah, Needham We chose BJEP because we wanted a fun and educational environment for our daughter to begin to explore being Jewish.  We have found just that! -Hannah, Needham