About Us

Welcome to an extraordinary Jewish community called BJEP 

What our Jewish learning program offers your family?

BJEP is the independent Jewish home of the most fun, engaging, meaningful Sunday mornings this side of summer camp, led by our amazing Brandeis-undergrad teachers, for pre-K to 7th graders and their families.

  1. BJEP experience:  our program cultivates learning, and is crafted to be a catalyst for Jewish growth and development.  Brandeis student teachers lead experiential learning and cultivate the experience of joy and amazement and serve as role models in the classroom.  The Boston-area Jewish Education Program is a bit of a mouthful, we just say BJEP (pronounced Bee-jep).
  2. Our teachers:  see the best and the brightest of Brandeis undergrads as they take the lead and offer joy and amazement in their classrooms.
  3. Programs:  BJEP’s primary Jewish learning program is for students in grades K- 7th. We also offer supplemental programs throughout the year, including: Seedlings for children in Pre-K, Hebrew tutoring, Madrichim teen program (i.e., leadership opportunity for grades 8-12, who support our teachers in the classroom), and B’Nai Mitzvah (i.e., a cohort of students who study together as Jewish scholars and prepare for this important milestone).
  4. Values:  Jewish values are embedded within our program for inspiration, and seed a Jewish identify for our children.  From treating each other well and with kindness, to valuing the world around us.  We are still bee-ming from our Purim festival and partnership to help pollinator friends, read more in this JewishBoston article.
  5. Location/Timing:  We meet on Sunday mornings, 9:30-noon on the Brandeis campus.
  6. How we measure success: if BJEP’s values inspire your child(ren) to lead, and/or become a teacher, doctor, social worker, researcher, author, nurse, conductor, lawyer, astronomer, judge, musician, to name just a few.
  7. Our founding on the Brandeis campus:  we are grounded in the ideals of our program’s founding ethos over 5 decades ago, and guided by the value of  carrying on our traditions and practices, but also that Jewish tradition learns and grows from our own insights and lived experiences.  The practice of Tikkun Olam, i.e., a concern for both our immediate world and the broader world in which we live, is one of the values embedded in the BJEP program.

Our commitment to diversity and inclusion:  We are a community of families looking for a welcoming and inclusive program that builds a strong Jewish identity for our kids. Drawing from 20+ communities across Greater Boston, our families represent the spectrum of modern Jewish life – whether members of the LGBTQ+ community, Jews of color, people with disabilities or interfaith families, what we all seek is a positive and joyous experience with Jewish tradition and culture that reflects our common values, morals and social responsibility.

We love questions.  Get in touch with our Directors to set up a time to discuss further.