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Lauren’s Desk: DIY Family Tree

Shared in the spirit of Father’s Day, Pride Month and getting to spend extra time with our families this summer, 2nd Grade teacher Lauren shares a DIY Family Tree Project!   I’d like to share one of our favorite at-home activities from BJEP’s first and second grade classroom: the etz mishpacha (family tree).  The etz mishpacha […]

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Be an Upstander, Let the World Hear Your Voice

Lindsay Biebelberg, BJEP Interim Program Director, reflects on the Jewish values of questioning, speaking up, and standing up for yourself and others, and how BJEP shares these tenets in our classrooms. On February 28, BJEP had the pleasure of welcoming Billy Planer as a guest educator for our BJEP@Home Sunday program. Billy is the founder […]

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Comparison is the Thief of Joy

From Rabbi’s Myra’s desk:  These words were originally said by President Teddy Roosevelt, but the lesson embedded within it is much much older.  In the age of social media, it’s hard not to get into the game of comparisons. We see other people’s public personas flashed across our screens at lightning speed and our judgements […]

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