BJEP Stands With Israel

Israel is a part of the BJEP curriculum for each grade, and teachers have the opportunity to individualize lessons on Israel, like all lessons, to each child’s developmental stage, interests, and motivations. While BJEP is a fundamentally pro-Israel community, we aim to teach our students how to think, not what to think. Jewish practice and study teach us how to hold contradictions and conflict within our own beliefs and in discussion with others. Our Israel education, first and foremost, gives children social and emotional tools to handle the complexity of the conflict, educational resources to learn more, and most importantly, a strong foundation in their own Jewish identity to face today’s big Jewish struggles. Our community is embedded in Jewish culture and history, which is intertwined with Israel. 

Since the war began on October 7th, and BJEP being located on a college campus, Israel has been at the front of our teachers’, parents’, and students’ minds. Now more than ever, we want to instill confidence in our community to navigate discussions about Israel in secular and Jewish settings. Our teachers have welcomed difficult questions and prioritized generative discussion, inclusivity, and exploration in the classroom. We also emphasize that Israel is so much more than conflict, and Israeli food, music, dance, history, and pop culture are included in our Israel education. 

BJEP is an educational organization, and while education is an incredible form of activism, we encourage our community members to engage with the Israel advocacy of the greater Boston Jewish community. JewishBoston and JCC Boston have great resources to help. 

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