On Jewish Community

We gather for BJEP Sundays to remind ourselves and our children of the power and importance of Jewish community, and to dive into the wisdom that Judaism has to teach us.  We know that depending on how you and your children have reacted to Colleyville, you may or may not have already chosen to broach some difficult conversations.  Whatever your family’s response – to talk about it or not, to mobilize into action, or just to hug each other a little tighter – know that there is no one right way to be in Jewish community. However you come to this, we want to offer some resources that can be helpful in challenging moments like this one, and to direct you toward other organizations doing great work to combat antisemitism and fight hate at large.

However you move forward, may you feel sheltered and protected, and may you continue to feel and give the love that comes from being part of the BJEP community.  

Heather Renetzky, Education Director and Rabbi Myra Meskin, Rabbi-in-Residence


Poem of Healing/Song of Resilience: 
I have been comforted by this poem of healing for the hostages written by Jewish liturgist Alden Solovy and this song of resilience by local Jewish musician Batya Levine, which give voice to some of the many layers of this situation.

Hashkiveinu/Comfort and Shelter:
Judaism has much wisdom for moments of fear and uncertainty. The words of the night time prayer hashkiveinu–“Spread over us a shelter of peace”–and this melody in particular have been playing on repeat in my head since last Sunday. Perhaps they’ll become a comforting refrain for you too.

PJ Library guides + more for Teens and College students:
PJ Library offers this guide to talking to your kids about anti-semitism and these videos to open the door to discussing scary situations, plus this resource that includes advice on supporting our teens and college students.

The Southern Poverty Law Center:
Find an incredible set of resources on confronting bigotry in big and small ways. Worthy of starting conversations and even bringing to your own workplace.

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