Students Vote Song of the Year, Rabbi Myra as Guest DJ on WERS

2021:  Listen now to keep BJEP spirit in your home on Sunday mornings and hear Rabbi Myra’s latest guest appearance on Chagigah radio, hosted by Emerson’s WERS 88.9.  Voted favorite break hit song of the year by our BJEP students, Elana Jagoda’s “Oseh Shalom” reminds us that in weeks of unrest and violence in Israel and in Jewish communities across the world, there is no better time to pray: “May the One, may the One who brings peace, bring peace down, bring peace down.”  Listen now

2020:  Listen now to hear Rabbi Myra’s vision for BJEP, and her love of music as a Guest DJ Rabbi Myra on Hal Slifer’s Chagigah radio show, broadcast by Emerson College in August 2020.


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