Supplemental Programs

B-Mitzvah cohort-based learning program

BJEP’s B-Mitzvah program provides a cohort learning experience where students have the opportunity to learn with their BJEP community peers, while strengthening their critical thinking and leadership skills. As part of the program, students come away with a positive experience with Jewish learning, a relationship with Torah – learning to see it as a valuable source of wisdom and an understanding of the ways in which they can make Torah “their own.” As BJEP’s program is student directed by design, students choose their ethical topic and identify the text that is meaningful to them in support of their chosen topic. BJEP’s program also offers an opportunity for students to be a leader in their community, see their peers as collaborators, and see how this collective Jewish learning experience can integrate within their lives.

Students age 13 years old by the ceremony can be concurrently enrolled in BJEP’s regular Sunday program for 7th graders, or may elect to participate in this program the year after they graduate from BJEP.  Celebrating your child’s Bar or Bat Mitzvah, or taking part in BJEP’s B’Nai Mitzvah program, is up to each family in our program.

To inquire about your child’s participation in our 2024-2025 cohort, complete this short form to express an interest in the program.

Hebrew Tutoring

1:1 Supplemental Hebrew Instruction

Whether your child could use some one-on-one support in learning Hebrew, or they simply love learning languages – the BJEP Supplemental Hebrew Program can be catered to your family’s needs. Capitalizing on one of our greatest assets, our young and energetic Brandeis student teachers, we will begin offering students in our community one-on-one Hebrew instruction with one of our BJEP teachers. Families can choose the frequency of sessions (weekly/bi-weekly) and the length of sessions, depending on the needs of their child.  During the first session, the teacher will evaluate the student’s current Hebrew level and then create an outline for future sessions in order to work toward the student’s goals.  We can offer these sessions by Zoom, or discuss in-person sessions as well.

To inquire about your child’s participation in Hebrew Tutoring, complete this short form to express an interest in the program.


Madrichim Program

Graduates of BJEP (8-12th graders) are invited to return as madrichim (teacher aids). Madrichim assist in classrooms as well as in electives. They are an integral part of the classroom community, leading small group work, working with individual students and supporting classroom teachers. Madrichim are paid a stipend for the year. They gather as a cohort for training to enhance their teaching skills and to socialize with others in the program.

Jewish Teen Initiative (JTI)

BJEP teens are also invited to regular programming throughout the year alongside teens from around the Greater Boston Area, through our area partners at the Jewish Teen Initiative. Upcoming programs are announced in our monthly newsletters – subscribe here.